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Nurses Leaving for Madhya Pradesh training in January

Written by Aaron Weinberg, Development Director

We are pleased to announce that we are sending a pair of nurses to Madhya Pradesh, India, to train instructors for our hospice and palliative care center. Valerie Loftin and Connie Alexander, both nurses at Horizon Home Health & Hospice in Southwest Idaho, will take separate trips this month to the city of Ujjain, where they will each train several nurses for the center. This center will soon serve as a training hub for physicians and nurses to learn hospice and palliative care and establish their own programs throughout the region.

Loftin will fly out first on Jan. 5, 2018. We caught up with her before her trip for a quick Q&A:

Why did you decide to take this journey?

I want to be able to help others in need. I believe in the right to pass comfortably and with dignity. Everyone in the world should have that right.

How have you prepared for your stay?

I’ve focused on learning the culture of India through reading some books. I’ve also talked to a few people from India. It’s a totally different culture and I’m preparing myself for what’s acceptable and what’s not.

How will you train the nurses?

There will be six or seven nurses there. For the educational part of it, we’ve developed PowerPoint presentations and other materials. Horizon Home Health & Hospice is also donating a package of nursing tools for each trainee. That’ll include things like stethoscopes, blood press monitors, and others items.

What do you hope to get out of it personally?

I’m looking forward to the experience of interacting with other cultures and religions. As for what I hope to gain personally, I’m not really doing it for myself. I want to help those suffering needlessly without hospice or palliative care. 

Valerie Loftin, Horizon Home Health and Hospice

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