Binaytara Foundation: Advocate, Educate, Innovate to Improve Healthcare

A New Look for a New Decade

This year marks one decade since the establishment of the Binaytara Foundation. BTF has helped hundreds if not thousands of people in one way or another since that time. Early programs include providing medical research grants to providers in Nepal and India, starting medical conferences in both Nepal and the USA, aiding with earthquake relief and temporary housing in Nepal, starting home hospice programs, creating the Northwest Cancer Summit and ACCES, and much more.

As we entered our tenth year of service, we at BTF decided it was time to refresh our look by changing our logo. This new look needed to represent our mission: Innovate, Advocate, Educate to Improve Health Care. Contestants were asked to familiarize themselves with the Foundation along with it’s mission, vision, and projects. By the contest deadline, we had sixteen logo entries. Every design was unique, and each one provided a beautiful interpretation of BTF, but one stood out to the BTF board for it’s simple elegance, and streamline design.


Naresh Kumar Agrawal_Binaytara foundation_ Logo (1)


This logo was designed by Naresh Kumar Agrawal of Madhya Pradesh, India. Agrawal has enjoyed art since childhood, and has been a visual designer for four years. He found out about the contest and BTF through a google search. We asked him a few questions about his inspiration and design:

BTF: What made you want to enter the BTF contest?

Agrawal: “On reading about Binaytara Foundation, I got inspired by their work done for poor and unprivileged communities in field of education and healthcare. [The] foundation also has a special consultative status with United Nation Economic and Social Council. These reasons compelled me to enter in this competition. It gives me a sense of pride to get associated with a foundation that works on grass root level for poor and underprivileged masses.”

BTF: What was your inspiration for the logo design?

Agrawal: “I really inspired to your organizational vision and mission. The best way I could contribute was to feel the soul of your mission and design something around it. Combining 3 prominent aspects of your work poor and unprivileged masses.

  1. Providing care and help

  2. Supporting and encouraging them to come forward and get educated

  3. Enriching their lives by giving healthcare access and literacy”

Logo concept

BTF: What do you like about the Binaytara Foundation and it’s projects?

Agrawal: “I found the work of your organization very inspiring because your Commitment & Dedication to enrich lives of poor communities. Its commendable. The way [the] foundation is implementing training & support, webinars, special care for cancer patients, empowerment & educational forums. Your organization fosters positivity and generates a vision for sustainable living.”

 We are so excited to introduce the new BTF logo to you. We will soon be updating our website to reflect this new look. Thank you to all who entered their designs, and thank you to those who continue to support the Binaytara Foundation!

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