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Welcome Aaron! The Binaytara Foundation’s New Development Director

Photo Credit: Robot Dessert Productions

We’re happy to announce Aaron Weinberg has joined our team as the first Development Director for the Binaytara Foundation. Aaron has for the last six years been a reporter for the Skagit Valley Herald daily newspaper. There, he focused his reporting on topics of healthcare, business and nonprofits. Aaron will utilize his reporting and writing skills to help expand BTF programs by securing additional funding through grants and sponsorships. He’ll also use his public relations background to spread awareness of the organization.

We asked Aaron a few questions about himself and what he will be doing for the Foundation:

How did you hear about the Binaytara Foundation, and why did you decide to pursue a position with us?

I first heard about the Foundation about a year ago when I was a reporter at a local newspaper. I had received a new tip about BTF’s project to help establish the first bone marrow transplant center in Nepal. It’s not often a local doctor undertakes such an impactful project. While interviewing Dr. Binay Shah for an article, I was instantly impressed by his ambition and drive to help those less fortunate. A year later, I decided to pursue the position of development director because I wanted to help expand BTF’s vital programs any way that I could. I’m honored to be chosen for the position and have enjoyed working with the BTF team over the last couple weeks.

What are you currently working on?

For the next few weeks I’ll be working on securing sponsors for our Northwest Cancer Patient Summit in February, and for our 2018 Summit on National & Global Cancer Health Disparities in April. I’ll also be bolstering our social media presence, planning fundraising events, submitting press releases, and more!

What do you look forward to doing the most as Development Director?

I’m most looking forward to hitting our first fundraising goal. Once reached, we will be able to train more doctors and nurses for our India Home Hospice program. There will be a lot of hard work in between that, but I believe that our donors will make it happen!

We’re very grateful to have Aaron join our team!

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