Binaytara Foundation: Advocate, Educate, Innovate to Improve Healthcare

Happy 10th Birthday, Binaytara Foundation!

On October 30, 2007, the Binaytara Foundation (BTF) became a registered non-profit charity in Chicago Illinois. The Foundation and its projects have grown exponentially to help cancer patients around the world since then. Your support, whether it be following us on social media, sharing our stories and projects, volunteering, or making a donation, has allowed the Binaytara Foundation to help thousands of people over the years. Thank you for all of this support! We’d like to share with you some of the Foundation’s major accomplishments over the years…

2007 – BTF was incorporated in Illinois as a non-profit. The Foundation offered scholarships for students from marginalized communities in Mahottari, Nepal.

2008 – BTF started providing research grants to medical students and young physicians in developing countries.

2010 – BTF started weekly telemedicine sessions with Manipal Medical College in Nepal. 

2011 – BTF organized two hematology conferences in Nepal.

2013 – BTF organized the largest hematologic malignancies conference in Kathmandu, Nepal, and stated a live-interactive and web-based hematology review course for physicians in developing countries.

2013 – The Foundation also started organizing hematology and oncology conferences in Idaho, USA.

2014 – BTF formed a collaboration with the University of Illinois and the Government of Nepal to establish the first Bone Marrow Transplant Center in Nepal. The Foundation sponsored the training of three physicians and one nurse for this center.

2014 – BTF created a campaign and offered free cervical cancer screenings for low-income women in rural Nepal.

2015 – BTF supported survivors of the deadly Nepal Earthquake by donating funds to create temporary housing.

2016 – BTF moved it’s headquarters to Bellingham, WA

2016 – BTF established a home hospice program in Patan, Nepal

2016 – The Foundation formed a partnership with the government of Madhya Pradesh, India to start hospice and palliative care programs which will extend throughout the state.

2017 – BTF started Washington State programs: the Northwest Cancer Summit and Advancing Cancer Care for the Economically Stressed (ACCES). The Northwest Cancer Summit is an educational meeting for cancer patients and their loved ones to learn more about various aspects of cancer. ACCES is a program which currently helps low-income cancer patients access childcare so they don’t miss any treatments.

2017 – BTF started the Home Hospice Partnership for Nepal. Under this program, BTF provides training for physicians in Nepal to start new hospice and palliative care services.

What’s next for the Binaytara Foundation?

The BTF will continue its efforts to improve the quality of life of cancer patients through Advocacy, Education, and Innovation. The 2018 Summit on National and Global Cancer Health Disparities (#SCHD18) is the BTF’s latest effort to bring together all stakeholders in cancer health to discuss and debate issues surrounding cancer health disparities, and to create a momentum to minimize those disparities.

The Foundation is also expanding its existing programs. The Northwest Cancer Summit, designed to educate and empower cancer patients and their families, will occur with more frequency in 2018; we are also exploring the possibility of expanding the BTF ACCES program which was originally started to help low-income cancer patients in Washington state access cancer care by helping them with childcare.

Thank you to our supporters!

We at BTF are incredibly thankful to those who have supported us over the years. These projects wouldn’t have been possible without the many volunteers and donors who are passionate about helping BTF advocate, educate, and innovate to improve healthcare. Please stay in touch with us as we continue to grow!


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